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The Role of Technology in Reimagining School

I co-authored an article for NASBE with Kristen Amundson called “The Role of Technology in Reimagining School” to provide current insight into: How well have students been served by remote learning, and are there significant gaps between groups? Can technology help reduce disparities in student learning? How can technology help teachers personalize learning? How can technology keep teachers and students safe when they return to school? Are students and educators safe in a digital learning e
Andrew Ko
Andrew Ko
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“The things that we know and do not do”

The Future of Education This is a new era, a knowledge economy, in which companies like Airbnb, Uber, Google, and Amazon have forever changed the landscape through ingenuity, investment, and something called cloud technologies. The disruption of existing billion-dollar businesses in the hotel, ride service, and retail markets will never return to past methods. Ever. Consumers appreciate the vast array of choices, lower costs, and above all, the immediate satisfaction of service that we refer t
Andrew Ko
Andrew Ko
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The Catalyst

In April 2020, according to UNESCO, over 1.6 billion students across 190 countries stopped attending school because of COVID. I witnessed the challenges that all educators, administrators, and government leaders were facing around the world.  Strategies for the continuation of learning were haphazard at best. It was daunting when the shutdown first occurred, and we are still a long way from figuring out how education will emerge from this change. Not one school, district, state, or country coul
Andrew Ko
Andrew Ko
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